Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For a Much Needed Update!

I have not updated our blog in quite some time; however, that is because I am super busy with a baby girl, husband in law school and finishing my last courses for graduation next month! In other words....BUSY!

This month we were all over the place! Our family went camping with the McEwens at Stone Mt. (super fun)! The following weekend (Thursday-Sunday) we went on a mini vacation to the NC Mountains....beautiful!! We finished the month of travels off with a trip home to visit with family for Halloween!! Whew....we were exhausted!!

Charlotte is growing each day! It amazes me how big she has gotten! She is 15 months old, but still pretty bald and cute as ever!! Her vocabulary is expanding with each passing day and recently she has definetely begun to show her independence. With that being said, she is a Mama's girl through and through and has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger! We are still working on the "sleeping in her crib" routine....we have been taking it day by day (or I guess I should say night by night)! I just hope our time away from home during the holidays doesn't throw her off too much! Now, I have to admit (and I am speaking for Ryan as well) although its nice to have just Ryan and I in our bed, we love sleeping as a family! Ryan is preparing to take his finals in the next few weeks, so please keep him and our family in your prayer!!

Other than that, there is no real big news to report except that we are all doing well while preparing for law finals, my graduation, and of course the most wonderful time of the year!! : )