Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Day of Fun

Ryan, Charlotte and I had a great day at the NC Zoo with the McEwen family!! After a long day outside, it was adorable to watch Charlotte & Julia splash together in the tub!! Great friends, beautiful weather, tons of walking, adorable babies full of bubbles and lots of laughter ALL equal a great day!! We are already looking forward to the next gathering!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fast Asleep!

Today marks a momentous occasion....Charlotte has fallen asleep in her crib! After a 4 nights of on and off crying for at least 30 minutes when I put her in her crib for bedtime, she has finally figured out that it is okay to sleep in HER bed. The most difficult part of the whole week was having to let her cry....she is such a sweet baby and NEVER cries, so when she does it breaks her Mommy and Daddy's hearts. I am so proud of her and us that we finally accomplished this great task. I love having Charlotte sleep in our bed, but I know her sleeping in her crib is best for her and for us!! So hopefully from now on, Charlotte will go nigh-night in her crib and sleep for a few hours and when she wakes up to nurse come into our bed!! This will give her some independence as well as give Ryan and I some bedtime independence!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Sweet Family

After many suggestions from loved ones, I decided to create a blog in order to share the special moments of my sweet family with all my friends & family!

As cliche as it might sound, Ryan swept me off my feet at a church dance over 6 years ago & we have been together ever since! We will be married for 5 years this coming December and are just as much in love as the day we met!! Ryan and I welcomed our precious baby girl, Charlotte, on July 25, 2009 and it was absolute love at first sight! She is the most perfect baby girl and she is such a blessing to her Mommy & Daddy's life! I cannot believe she is almost 9 months old already....time simply flies by way too fast!!

Our little family currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina because Ryan is attending law school at Elon School of Law. He will be finishing up his first year in was tough, for all of us, but he is loving every bit of it!! I am in the process of completing my last courses to get my bachelors degree from NCSU & I will be graduating this coming December! Hooray!

Ryan and I are enjoying life, especially every precious moment with Charlotte; she is our everything!! I am so grateful to have such a wonderfully spectacular family for all of eternity!!